How to Troubleshoot an American Tourister luggage lock not Opening

How to Troubleshoot an American Tourister luggage lock not Opening

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Malfunctioning luggage lock issues are one of the most common problems experienced by people that travel. 

If you have American Tourister Luggage and it seems you’re finding it difficult to get the lock opened, you are obviously among these people. 

However, you need to be rest assured that we have a solution to this problem in this article. Let’s dive into more extensive details 

How To Troubleshoot American Tourister Luggage Lock Not Opening

Most of the time, it usually requires simple procedures to troubleshoot issues regarding your luggage bag especially when it comes to the lock.

The following are some recommended troubleshooting steps to take.

1. Check if the lock is rusty

If you have been using your American Tourister luggage bag for quite a while now, you’ll often begin to experience problems with the locks, texture and some other basic components.

It’s possible that the lock is blunt and rusty due to old age. 

Here, you’d need to try lubricating the lock with either silicon, WD-40 or graphite powder.

This will help reduce and loosen up the rusty parts of the luggage lock making it easy to open.

After doing this, wait for some time before trying to open the luggage again. By then it should be relieved and expected to open instantly.

2. Check if the lock combination is correct

One of the requirements for opening the lock is to enter the correct lock combination. 

Of course, the lock would definitely not open if you’re getting the lock combination all wrong.

Perhaps you can’t remember the lock combination, you should try resetting it or maybe get in touch with American Tourister customer service for assistance with the combination.

This can be done by filling in a template like this…

American tourister luggage contact us page

If you can go through the effort of trying all possible combinations, the luggage lock will eventually get opened at the end of the day.

With a simple permutation and combination calculation, you can check how many times you need to try.

Not a good idea though, as it’s gonna be time-consuming. But if you can give it a try….who knows.

Common causes of luggage lock malfunctions and how to prevent them

There are two major reasons for a malfunctioning luggage lock. Below they are:

#1. You’ve forgotten the combination

If your American Tourister luggage lock is not opening, it’s probably because you have forgotten the code. Hence, you’re likely using the wrong combination, altogether.

What to do in this regard?

It’s almost difficult getting your luggage back when the reason is as a result of you, forgetting your pin. However, it’s advisable you contact the company as said earlier.

Preventive measures?

An ideal way to avoid forgetting the combination is by writing it down in a safe place or also keeping the key safe. 

#2. Rust

But what if you know your lock combination and your still bag refuses to open? In this case, what may be the case?

Well, contrary to what you may have in mind, it’s most likely a result of rust.

And It’ll continue to get difficult to open if the metals of the lock mechanism keep getting in contact with moisture and water.

A preventive measure for rust is to keep your luggage far away from moisture or water. Try to always store it in dry places so as to avoid getting corroded.

Other Bad Practices To Avoid

The American Tourister Luggage is designed to be used in such a way that it’s comfortable for the user without adversely affecting the luggage. 

We’ve compiled some common mistakes which you need to avoid while using your luggage below.

Not Properly Securing The Zip

Most users make the mistake of not properly securing their Tourister luggage bag appropriately.  In order to prevent the content of the bag from getting stuck or falling out, it’s important that you use a lock to secure the zip.

Excessive Overpacking

A lot of people make the mistake of filling their luggage with their belongings until it gets to a stage that’s so heavy and difficult to carry.

You need to avoid doing this in order to have a negative effect on the longevity of your luggage. Add only belongings you need, which you can easily carry also.

Pulling The American Tourister Luggage

Lots of luggage types are manufactured in different ways. For American Tourister luggage, it’s required that you wheel it around during transportation instead of pulling it.

Using Easy Combinations

If I can easily guess your correct lock combination, then there’s no reason to even put the lock there in the first place.

Easily guessable combinations like 000 or 123 should be avoided if you are really serious about securing your luggage.


Lastly, Luggage lock problems are very popular among users. If you are also experiencing this issue, the likely culprit is entering an incorrect lock combination or a damaged lock mechanism.

Attempt all the highlighted troubleshooting guides above, I’m sure you’ll be able to fix the problem 

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