Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to Strangermiles, your trusted guide for exploring the world one journey at a time. We are dedicated to providing you with authentic, informative, and inspiring travel content.

Our website offers various articles, guides, tips, and product reviews related to travel. To keep this content free and updated, we want to be transparent about the site’s various income streams, which include affiliate partnerships.

An affiliate link is a unique tracking link that identifies Strangermiles as the referrer. When you click on an affiliate link on our website and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This commission helps us maintain our site and continue to provide valuable content to our readers.

Strangermiles often recommends travel gear, accommodations, travel insurance, or other travel-related products and services. Some of these recommendations come with affiliate links. However, it’s important to note that we only recommend products or services that we have personally used or believe will be genuinely useful to our readers.

Our Partnerships

We have affiliate relationships with a number of companies relevant to the travel industry, such as:

  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Various Travel Gear Companies
  4. etc.

Trust and Transparency

Earning your trust is crucial for us. Here’s how we aim to maintain this trust:

  1. Objectivity: Our product and service reviews are conducted impartially. We give our honest opinions, findings, and experiences on those products or services.
  2. Full Disclosure: Any article that includes an affiliate link will be clearly marked, offering full transparency about our affiliations.
  3. No Extra Costs: Purchasing through an affiliate link comes at no additional cost to you. Sometimes, it may even offer you a discounted rate.
  4. Quality First: The mere existence of an affiliate program does not guarantee a recommendation from us. We prioritize product quality and relevance to our readers.

Contact Information

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