How To Lock A Suitcase Without A Lock 

How To Lock A Suitcase Without A Lock

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In a situation where the lock of your suitcase is damaged or not functioning at all, you’re definitely going to be looking for alternatives to lock it.

These alternatives will require specific methods which you can use to lock the suitcase without actually using a lock

Very well! That’s exactly what we’ll be highlighting in the article ahead. At the end of the content, you should be fully acquainted with the few tips to secure your suitcase without a lock.

How to lock a suitcase without a lock

Using an actual lock is the most recommended technique to secure your suitcase, but be rest assured that there are other temporary alternatives to using a lock. 

1. Use a cable tie

One of the easiest methods to use is a cable tie, it’s best fit and appropriate if your suitcase has lockable zips. 

This method isn’t really permanent but can help secure your suitcase for the meantime.

In order to make use of the cable ties, 

you need to get some of these cables at a hardware store.

Then thread the cable ties through the zippers and pull it tight. Once it’s tight, it will be difficult to open unless it’s cut.

2. Using a shoelace or ribbon

It’s very easy to get access to a shoelace or ribbon if you are willing to lock up your suitcase as soon as possible. 

Once you have a shoelace, just thread it through the zippers then tie and tighten it to make a knot. 

This method might not be as secure as others but it certainly helps you secure your lock at least.

3. Using Homingpin tags  

To use HomingPIN Tags to lock your suitcase, you might need to pay a few bucks. It’s not as expensive as it’s what an average person can get.

You can also decide to subscribe to their tracking service as they help find your suitcase via QR code if it gets lost.

It works in such a way that when someone finds your lost suitcase, they can actually detect the owner by using the website to scan the tag’s QR code.

4. Use a zip tie, scarf or belt

All these can be regarded as objects to use to secure the suitcase without a lock. Objects like zip ties z scarf or belts can be tied through the suitcase handles.

Ensure that they are very tight before snipping them off at the end.

5. Using suitcase wrapping services

If you are probably traveling via the airport, you should know that there are some suitcase wrapping services that help you secure your suitcase in a plastic bag.

Their service does not directly lock the zips but they protect from other external factors like rain, scratches and others.

Why should you always lock your suitcase?

There are several reasons why it’s important for you to lock your suitcase, whether it’s with the actual lock or some alternatives.

1. For preventing theft

Generally, most people lock their suitcase solely for the purpose of preventing thieves from getting access to their belongings.

If you will be traveling in locations that’s not really safe, you would want to secure your lock.

2. For privacy reasons

Privacy is another reason why locking your suitcase is important. 

You don’t want people in your hostel accommodation or companions getting access to what they’re not required to know about inside your suitcase.

Important and confidential information are without a doubt safe and secure inside your suitcase. 

3. For preventing damages

To prevent your belongings from being damaged, you need to lock them up in a secured place such as inside your suitcase. 

While traveling, your suitcase could be mishandled by several security personnels. 

A locked suitcase helps prevent any damage to your properties.

In addition to this, you need something to help you carry all your belongings in one place. You can only do that if you have a suitcase.

Other ways to secure your suitcase

Some other ways you can find and secure your suitcase will assist you further in terms of numerous alternatives to choose from. 

A technique we recommend is using a suitcase lock alarm which goes off when someone tries to tamper with your suitcase.

It provides a kind of extra security to your belongings. A GPS tracker is also a great idea if you want to keep an eye on your luggage.

This security technique helps you track your suitcase and keeps you in touch of its whereabouts. 

Lastly, the TSA-Compliant Locks is another security option to consider. Depending on the type or product of suitcase you are using, some have them inbuilt while others don’t.

If the lock is available on your suitcase or luggage, simply set the combinations to a 3 or 4 digits code. It provides an extra layer of security to your suitcase.

Final Thoughts

Surely, any of the methods you decide to make use of above will depend on your preference and availability of materials. We hope you find an answer to your question in the well researched content above. Thanks for reading.

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