How To Open Old VIP Suitcase Lock Without Key 

How To Open Old VIP Suitcase Lock Without Key 

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Whether your old VIP suitcase comes with a lock or combination, you’ll need to crack it open if you happen to have lost the key.

Opening an old VIP suitcase lock requires some very easy procedures which can be carried out with extreme tools. 

However, in this article we’ll be breaking it down for you the ways to open your suitcase if you’ve misplaced the lock or you’re probably in a hurry to get it open.

Let’s dive into it.

How To Open Old Vip Suitcase Lock Without Key 

We’ll be highlighting the methods to use in two parts, one for people using the suitcase with locks and those without locks but have combinations.

You should be able to open your suitcase if you have lost the key regardless of the security option it has.

Method 1: Unlocking an old VIP suitcase without a key (Keyhole lock specific)

If your suitcase has a keyhole and you can’t find the key anymore. Here’s what you should do to open it up.

Firstly, you will need equipment to do that. 

There’s no fixed equipment for this, as long as you have material around you that can act as a small pin.

  • Materials you can use: Paper clip, bobby pin, pen or nail.

If it’s a paper clip that you have, you just need to straighten it out and use it. 

For others, just insert it (bobby pin or pen) into the keyhole and start wiggling until the lock opens up.

You need to add a little pressure here in order to get the lock open. 

If this doesn’t work, just use the thin writing anterior of a pen to exert pressure on the zipper of your suitcase.

If enough pressure is applied, the zippers should open widely and you now have access to the inside of your suitcase.

That’s the technique to use to open your suitcase if it has a zipper or keyhole.

Method 2: Unlocking an old VIP suitcase that comes with combinations

If the key to this is no longer available or you’ve forgotten the lock combinations, here’s what you need to do in order to open it up.

  • Materials you need: Your brain

Now you need to try the default combinations in order to unlock the suitcase. The default combinations to try are 000, 123, or 999. 

It’s possible that one of these combinations might work, if any works you can then go ahead to reset your suitcase.

Alternatively, you should try cracking the combinations. 

What you need to do is place your suitcase in an upright position, then rotate all three wheels or dials until you see a small hole under all of them.

When this appears, move all the wheels to the right and press the side button in order to open your suitcase.

What to Do If None of the Methods Work?

If none of the above methods works, there are other things to do so as to solve your problem. 

1. Use a drill to force the lock open

You should only do this if all of the aforementioned fixes above don’t work. 

This should be your last resort as using a drill or a hammer to break the lock will likely damage the lock entirely.

But you will be able to get what you want inside your suitcase as soon as you, please. 

2. Call a Locksmith

In order to repair the suitcase, it’s best if you call a locksmith to provide some assistance. 

A Professionals locksmith who specializes in opening a suitcase and luggage locks will be able to assist you. 

They have all the necessary equipment to do so.

Some people would prefer to give the suitcase to a locksmith to fix, rather than go through DIY troubleshooting.

How to Prevent Getting Locked Out In The Future

There are some preventive measures to take in order to prevent your suitcase from getting locked in the future.

#1. Use TSA-Approved Locks:

It’s likely that your old VIP suitcase might not come with the TSA-approved lock features. 

It’s very useful in preventing damage because it’s utilized by TSA agents whenever they need to check out your suitcase in the airport.

The TSA-approved lock allows them to do this without damaging your lock at all. 

You can get a suitcase that has this feature if yours doesn’t.

#2. Keep your key safely or write down the combination

To prevent locking up your suitcase in the nearest future, it’s important that you keep your key in a safe place. 

Better still, write the combination somewhere you remember and easily go back to check in case you forget.

#3. Replace the Lock

If your lock frequently keeps jamming itself, it’s high time you consider a replacement. 

Chances are that it may still get locked again in the future.

We recommend replacing it in order to prevent this situation.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking your suitcase lock without a key is something you can do by yourself. Unless it gets to an extent of sabotaging the lock with a drill or reaching out to a locksmith.

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