The list of Countries that Accept Expired Venezuelan Passports

The list of Countries that Accept Expired Venezuelan Passports

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Imagine being able to travel with an expired passport.

Sounds impossible, right?

Well, if you have a Venezuelan passport that’s past its expiry date, it might just be possible as we all know.

In this blog, we’ll explore the countries where your expired passport opens doors, not closes them.

Understanding the Situation

Venezuela is a country with many problems right now.

This has made life hard for its people.

One big problem is the fact of how tough getting a new passport or renewing an old one is due to the challenges like economic constraints the country is facing.

People have to wait a long time and deal with a lot of paperwork. This is even harder for Venezuelans living in other countries.

They often have to wait a long time at Venezuelan embassies, and sometimes they still don’t get their new passport.

Because of these delays, many Venezuelans end up with passports that have expired. This is a big problem.

Without a valid passport, it’s hard to travel, find a job, go to school, or even use a bank.

Honestly, this can be frustrating.

Well, thankfully some countries are currently giving leverage to the Venezuelan passport to be able to be used even when exprired.

But the question is, what are these countries?

Countries that Accept Expired Venezuelan Passports

  1. United States
    • The U.S. has a special provision allowing entry for Venezuelan passport holders, even if their passports expired up to two years ago. This policy, primarily aimed at facilitating family reunions and business trips, is a significant relief for many.
  2. Spain
    • With historical and cultural ties, Spain offers a warm welcome to Venezuelans. Expired passports are accepted, making it easier for families to reconnect and for individuals to seek new opportunities.
  3. Canada
    • Known for its inclusive policies, Canada allows entry to Venezuelans with passports expired within the last five years. This policy is part of Canada’s broader approach to supporting those affected by the situation in Venezuela.
  4. Colombia
    • As a neighboring country, Colombia has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Venezuelans. In response, Colombia accepts expired Venezuelan passports, facilitating easier cross-border movement for work, education, or family reasons.
  5. Brazil
    • Brazil, another neighbor, stands in solidarity with Venezuelans. Brazilian authorities accept expired Venezuelan passports, understanding the complexities behind passport renewals in Venezuela.
  6. Panama
    • Panama’s strategic location as a hub for international travel makes it a vital destination for Venezuelans. The country’s acceptance of expired Venezuelan passports opens up further travel possibilities.
  7. Chile
    • Chile, known for its stable economy and vibrant culture, is another South American nation that accepts expired Venezuelan passports. This policy helps in maintaining strong cultural and economic ties.
  8. Ecuador
    • Ecuador, with its diverse landscapes and warm people, is also a welcoming destination for Venezuelans with expired passports, offering opportunities for tourism and business.
  9. Turkey
    • Turkey’s unique position as a bridge between Europe and Asia makes it an intriguing destination. The country’s acceptance of expired Venezuelan passports adds to its appeal for travelers seeking new experiences.
  10. Mexico
    • Mexico’s rich heritage and bustling cities make it a favorite destination for many. Expired Venezuelan passports are accepted here, making it easier for Venezuelans to explore this vibrant country.
  11. Portugal
    • Portugal, with its deep historical connections to Latin America, recognizes the challenges faced by Venezuelans. Expired Venezuelan passports are accepted, aiding in both tourism and family reunions.
  12. Italy
    • Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage, also accepts expired Venezuelan passports. This policy facilitates travel for those with family ties or business interests in Italy.
  13. Netherlands
    • The Netherlands, with its open and inclusive policies, allows Venezuelans to enter the country with expired passports. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking to connect with family or explore business opportunities.
  14. France
    • France, a country that values human rights and international cooperation, extends a helping hand to Venezuelans by accepting their expired passports, making it easier for them to visit for tourism or personal reasons.
  15. Germany
    • Germany, known for its strong support for humanitarian causes, allows entry to Venezuelan passport holders with expired documents. This decision aids in facilitating family visits and other personal travels.
  16. Peru
    • Peru, sharing cultural and regional ties with Venezuela, accepts expired Venezuelan passports. This helps in maintaining family connections and promoting regional cooperation.
  17. Argentina
    • Argentina, another South American country, recognizes the difficulties faced by Venezuelans. The country accepts expired passports, easing travel for various purposes including tourism and family visits.
  18. Uruguay
    • Uruguay, known for its progressive policies, also allows Venezuelans to enter the country with expired passports, offering opportunities for travel and cultural exchange.
  19. Sweden
    • Sweden, with its humanitarian approach, accepts expired Venezuelan passports. This policy is in line with Sweden’s commitment to supporting individuals facing challenges in their home countries.
  20. Norway
    • Norway, a country that often stands up for international human rights, joins in offering flexibility to Venezuelans by accepting their expired passports, allowing them to travel for various reasons, including seeking new opportunities.

Common Countries that Don’t Accept the Expired Venezuelan Passports

While we’ve talked about the countries that offer a helping hand to travelers with expired Venezuelan passports, it’s just as important to know about those that don’t.

United Kingdom.

The UK is known for its strict immigration rules.

If you’re thinking of visiting London’s iconic landmarks or exploring the beautiful countryside, remember that the UK requires a normally valid, unexpired passport.

No exceptions here, unfortunately.


Then there’s Australia, a country famous for its unique wildlife and stunning landscapes.

However, when it comes to passport regulations, they’re pretty strict.

An expired Venezuelan passport won’t get you past the Australian border. So, if you’re dreaming of seeing kangaroos and koalas, you’ll need a valid passport.


fuji mountain at sunset in japan
fuji mountain at sunset in japan

Japan is another country where the rules are clear-cut.

This island nation, known for its blend of traditional culture and cutting-edge technology, is a no-go for expired passports.

Whether it’s Tokyo’s bustling streets or Kyoto’s serene temples you’re after, an up-to-date passport is a must.

Similarly, South Korea, with its vibrant cities and rich cultural heritage, sticks to the rules when it comes to travel documents. Your expired Venezuelan passport won’t be enough to explore the streets of Seoul or the scenic views of Jeju Island.


What about our neighbor to the north, Canada?

Well, Canada, despite its friendly reputation, also sticks to the rules on this.

They generally require a valid passport, though they’ve been known to make exceptions for some situations – but don’t count on it for regular travel.


Frankfurt in germany, one of the countries that accept emergency passports
Vertical view of the Roemerberg in Frankfurt Germany

In Europe, countries like Germany, France, and Italy are also strict about having a valid passport.

These countries, rich in history and culture, are popular destinations, but they require your travel documents to be in order. No expired passports allowed here.

Tips for Traveling with an Expired Venezuelan Passport

Traveling with an expired passport might sound daunting, but for many Venezuelan passport holders, it’s a reality they navigate. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. I’ve put together some practical tips to help make your journey smoother and less stressful.

  1. Double-Check the Country’s Policy: The first and most crucial step is to verify the country you plan to visit accepts expired Venezuelan passports. Policies can vary, so it’s essential to get the latest information. A quick visit to the country’s embassy website or a phone call can give you this vital info.
  2. Understand the Specifics: Knowing a country accepts an expired passport is a start, but you need to know the details. How long past the expiration date do they allow? Do they require any additional documents? These specifics can make or break your travel plans.
  3. Have Other Identification Ready: Besides your expired passport, have other forms of identification on hand. A national ID card, a driver’s license, or a birth certificate can be helpful. Sometimes, having extra proof of your identity can ease the process at immigration checkpoints.
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