Passport Supporting Documents Not Returned? What to know

Passport supporting documents not returned? What to know

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When planning a trip abroad, getting or renewing a passport is usually at the top of the to-do list. But, what if you get your new passport and realize that the documents you sent with your application aren’t with it?

Before you start to worry, let’s talk about why this might happen and what you can do.

Why Might Documents Not Be Returned or Delayed?

But you sent all your papers in one neat package. Why didn’t they all come back together?

Well, there are a few reasons this can happen. Let’s break them down.

1. Busy Processing Centers: Sometimes, the centers that handle passport applications have a lot on their plate. They get many applications daily. With so much work, there can be slight delays. Your passport might get processed and sent out faster than your other documents.

2. Different Return Methods: The passport often comes via one method – maybe a specific courier or postal service. The supporting documents, like your birth certificate or old passport, might be sent separately. This can cause them to arrive at different times.

3. Human Error: Everyone makes mistakes now and then, even the folks at the passport office. There’s a chance your documents might’ve been misplaced or accidentally left behind. It’s rare, but it can happen.

4. Additional Verification: Sometimes, if there’s a question about a document, it might be kept a bit longer for extra checks. This doesn’t mean there’s a big problem. They might just need to double-check something.

5. Damaged Mail: On the way back to you, the envelope holding your documents might get damaged. If the postal service sees this, they might hold back the package to avoid losing the papers inside.

It’s understandable to feel a bit worried when you don’t see all your papers come back with your passport.

But, knowing why it can happen helps. And remember, most times, it’s just a small delay. Your documents are often on their way back to you.

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What to do When Passport supporting documents are not returned?

1. Give It Some Time

Before anything else, give it a few more days. As we talked about before, sometimes the passport and the other documents are sent separately.

They might arrive a couple of days apart. So, patience can sometimes be the solution.

2. Check the Envelope Carefully

This might sound simple, but make sure to check the entire envelope or package.

Sometimes, smaller documents can stick to the sides or get hidden in folds. A quick double-check can save you a lot of worry.

3. Contact the Passport Office

If you’ve waited and there’s still no sign of your documents, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the passport office.

They will be able to give you information on whether the documents were sent and how they were sent. Remember, they deal with these questions regularly, so they’ll have answers for you.

4. Get in Touch

If you’ve waited and checked and still don’t have your documents, it’s time to reach out.

  • Phone Call: Try calling the office where you sent your application. They might be able to tell you if your documents are on the way.
  • Visit in Person: If you applied in person, maybe you can visit the place again. They might be able to help you faster that way.
  • Online Help: Some places have websites where you can send a message or email. This might be another way to ask about your documents.

5. Prepare for the Call or Visit

When you’re getting ready to call or visit, have some things ready:

  • Your Receipt or Application Number: This will help them find your records faster.
  • Details: Remember the date you sent your application and any other important details.
  • Questions: Think about what you want to ask. Maybe you want to know when you can expect your documents, or if there’s anything you need to do.

6. If Your Documents Are Truly Lost

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, things get lost. If that happens, there are steps to take:

  • Replacement: For some documents, like birth certificates, you might need to ask for a new copy. Contact the place that gave you the original document and see how to get a replacement.
  • Report: If it was an important document, like a driver’s license, you might need to report it lost. This is to make sure no one uses it in a wrong way.

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How to prevent issues of Worrying

Losing or misplacing documents, especially important ones, can be more than just a minor inconvenience; it can be downright stressful. To help you avoid such hiccups in the future, here are four solid steps you can take:

Make Copies Before Sending

This step can’t be stressed enough. Before you send off any original documents, always make a copy for yourself.

Whether you choose to photocopy or scan and save them digitally, having duplicates ensures you have a backup.

While these copies won’t replace the originals, they can serve as references and might come in handy if you need to provide proof of the original document’s existence.

Use Tracked and Insured Mail Services

If you’re sending documents through the mail, opt for a service that provides both tracking and insurance.

The tracking feature allows you to know the status of your package in real-time and confirm its delivery.

On the other hand, insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that if something does go wrong, you might be able to claim compensation.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, getting a professional, such as a legal advisor or a passport and visa consultant, to oversee your application process can be invaluable.

They might provide additional tips on safeguarding your documents and navigating through the process seamlessly.

Consider Online Options

Explore whether the agency allows for online submissions.

Digital copies might suffice for some applications, reducing the risk of losing physical documents. Make sure your digital documents are scanned clearly and are in the accepted file formats to avoid any issues.


While losing documents can be a bit scary, remember that most of the time, things work out. Documents might just be delayed, or there might be a simple reason they aren’t with your passport. Stay calm, follow these steps, and you’ll be ready for your trip in no time!

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