Does the Airport Give you Luggage Tags? (Here’s how)

Does the Airport Give you Luggage Tags?

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Have you ever wondered, as you get ready for a trip, if the airport will give you tags for your bags?

Does the Airport Give you Luggage Tags?

When you arrive at the airport to catch a flight, there’s a routine that everyone follows. You check in, either at a counter or a machine.

This is where you get your boarding pass. It’s also where your bags begin their own journey. So, does the airport give you luggage tags?

Yes, they do, and here’s how it works.

After you’ve checked in, you hand over your luggage to the airline staff. They take your bag and put a tag on it. This isn’t just any tag.

tagging your checked luggage at the airport
The tag you get for your luggage

It’s your bag’s ID for the trip.

It has a barcode and your flight information.

This tag tells the airport staff which plane your bag needs to go on and where it needs to end up. It’s like a name tag at a big event, letting everyone know who your bag is with and where it’s supposed to be.

These tags are important.

For most airports that have this mandatory, If a bag doesn’t have one, it won’t be allowed on the plane.

It’s the airport’s way of making sure your bag sticks with you, like a friend who holds your hand in a crowded place. With this tag on, your bag goes on a different path.

It travels on belts and through tunnels, to the plane, while you go through security and walk to your gate.

Sometimes, when you’re waiting for your flight, you can see bags being loaded onto the plane.

They’re being put into the belly of the plane, where all the checked luggage goes.

When your plane lands, the bags are taken out, and they travel to the baggage claim area. You go there too, to meet your bag again. This is within the security area.

Can You Use a Personal Luggage Tag?

Personal luggage tags are those tags you can buy at a store or online.

They often come in bright colors, and fun shapes, and you can write your name and contact info on them. So, yes, you can use a personal luggage tag, and actually, it’s a smart move.

The funny part is how you could choose to come up with anything random as long as it represents you…thankful there are no stringent requirements on this by the TSA.

Unique luggage tag for easy identity of luggage at the airport and avoid mistakenly stolen luggages

But here’s one tag we’d always recommend

The Luggage tag I recommend

Here’s why getting a personal tag is a good idea.

Think of it like adding an extra contact number to your phone. If the first one doesn’t work, you have a backup.

The airport’s tag is essential, but what if it gets torn off or lost? This is where your personal tag comes in. It has your name and maybe your phone number or email.

So, if your bag gets lost, the airline can call you or send you an email. Helps in the lost and found process.

It’s also about spotting your bag quickly. Imagine standing by the baggage carousel, and all the bags look alike.

similar looking bags at the airport
Sea of luggages as you’ll find at the airport

But yours has a bright yellow tag with your name on it. You’ll see it in no time.

Let me share a quick story.

Once, I was at the airport, waiting for my bag. Many bags came and went, but I couldn’t find mine. Then I saw a bag with a red tag — my red tag. It wasn’t in the spot I put it, but there it was, hanging on the side. That red tag saved me time.

Putting on your own tag is easy.

You just attach it to your bag’s handle. Make sure it’s secure and that your information is clear. Write in big, bold letters if you can. This is no time for fancy writing that’s hard to read.

Are there any notable policies behind Tags?

When you travel, each airline has rules, or ‘policies’, about many things, including tags for your bags. These aren’t just random rules. They’re there to keep things running smoothly and to keep your bags safe.

First off, the airport’s luggage tag, the one they put on your bag at check-in, it’s not optional. It’s a must.

This official tag has a barcode and your flight details. It’s how the airport keeps track of your bag. Without it, your bag won’t get loaded onto your plane. It’s like a passport for your luggage.

Now, about your personal luggage tag—the one you put on your bag yourself.

Airlines don’t have strict rules about these, but they do encourage you to use them. They know that the more info your bag has, the easier it is to find if it gets lost.

But they do have some suggestions. They say you should write your name, your phone number, and your email address.

Some say you should also add the address of where you’re going, not where you live. This helps them send your bag to the right place if it gets lost along the way.

One thing to keep in mind is privacy.

You might not want everyone seeing your personal details. Some tags have covers, so your information isn’t out in the open. Or you can get a tag that only shows your name, and the rest of the info is hidden inside.

Airlines also suggest that you remove old tags.

You know, the ones from your last trip.

This is to avoid confusion about where your bag is supposed to go. It’s a bit like clearing your browser history, so you start fresh.

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