How to Avoid the Avis Late Return Fee and the Policy Behind it Explained

How to Avoid the Avis Late Return Fee and the Policy Behind it Explained

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Behind every business policy, there’s a rationale. Avis’s late return fee is no exception.

So what are the implications of returning a rented vehicle late to Avis?

We know car rental companies can often feel like traversing a maze with various terms and conditions to keep in mind, so we’ve simplified the whole policy in this article, as well as steps to take to avoid the fee as much as possible.

Avis late Return fee Break Down

The late return fee varies depending on the country of rental. Below is the breakdown of the daily late return fee inclusive of VAT:

  • United Kingdom: £15.00
  • Switzerland: CHF 20.00
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden: 150.00 (DKR, NKR, or SKR)
  • Other European Countries: between €15 and €18.60

Or the equivalent amount in the local currency of the rental country. These fees are continually applied every 24-hour period thereafter until the return of the vehicle.

The Policy Behind the Late Return Fee at Avis

When renting a vehicle from Avis, customers agree to return the car at a specified date and time. But what if you’re running late?

Avis suggests reaching out to them as soon as possible. The reason is simple: prompt communication can help in potentially extending the rental period without additional charges, ensuring that the delay does not lead to extra costs.

Man worried about avis late return policy

The aim here is not to penalize but to maintain a smooth flow and availability of vehicles for all customers.

Now, if the vehicle is returned more than 29 minutes late without notification or extension, this is where the late return fees kick in.

The rental is extended, and an extra day’s rental fee is charged at the current pay-at-location prices. Additionally, a late return processing fee is applied for each day or part of the day until the vehicle is returned.

But it doesn’t stop there. If the vehicle is not returned 24 hours past the agreed return date and time, another late return fee is applied, and this pattern continues every 24-hour period thereafter until the vehicle is returned.

The bottom line?

While the company provides a buffer for unforeseen delays, it’s important for you to communicate any changes in their return schedule promptly.

This approach ensures the avoidance of additional late return fees and contributes to a more favorable car rental experience for everyone involved.

4 Ways to Avoid the Late Return Fee

Continuing from where we left off, let’s talk about the main point of the article — how to avoid the late return fee.

As a renter, it’s understandable to seek flexibility and convenience, and Avis does indeed aim to offer this.

A lady who successfully avoided the avis late return fee

But, avoiding additional fees also rests in the hands of the customer. Below are four main ways to avoid the Avis late return fees.

1. Timely Communication

This can’t be emphasized enough. If you suspect that you’ll be running late, make it a priority to contact Avis as soon as possible.

A quick call can make all the difference, allowing you to extend your rental period and avoid additional charges. Avis appreciates the heads-up, and it helps them keep their vehicle scheduling on track.

2. Extend Your Rental Period

If there’s even a slight chance you might be late, consider extending your rental period in advance.

It’s a straightforward process and provides you with a safety net, ensuring that even if you are late, you won’t incur late return fees. An extra day’s rental might cost you, but it will certainly be less than the accumulating late fees.

3. Plan for Delays

Sometimes it’s the unforeseen delays that catch us off guard. Traffic, meetings that run over time, or other unexpected events can throw off your schedule.

When planning your rental period, it’s wise to factor in a bit of extra time as a buffer for potential delays. An additional hour or two can provide peace of mind and eliminate the risk of late return fees.

4. Return the Vehicle to the Correct Location

Ensure you return the vehicle to the designated rental station.

Sometimes, in a rush, it might be tempting to drop the vehicle at a nearby or more convenient location, but this can lead to additional fees and complications.

Adhering to the correct return location is an easy way to avoid unexpected charges.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! Four straightforward, no-nonsense ways to avoid late return fees at Avis. The overarching theme is clear: proactive communication and planning can save you from unexpected additional costs.

Keep these tips in mind during your next car rental experience with Avis, ensuring a smooth and fee-free return process.

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