Where Do You Get Luggage Tags?

Where Do You Get Luggage Tags?

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Have you ever stood at the baggage claim, watching suitcase after suitcase pass by, wondering which one is yours? I’ve been there too.

And that’s where luggage tags comes in.

They’re small, colorful, and make your bag easy to spot.

In this post, we’ll explore where you can

Where Do You Get Luggage Tags?

When you travel, you need to know where to get luggage tags. These tags are important for two reasons.

First, they help the airport keep track of your bags. Second, they make it easy for you to spot your own bags when you arrive.

Now, the question is, how do you get them?

Airport Tags:

Luggage tags can be simply divided into two types: airport tags and personal tags.

Let’s talk about the first types of tags (Airport tags).

tagging your checked luggage at the airport
The tag you get for your luggage at the airport

When you go to the airport for a flight, one of the first things you do is check in your bags. This is when you get the airport tags for your luggage.

These tags are very important and do a lot of work. Thankfully, the requirements are also pretty basic.

First, they share all the details about your flight.

They tell the airport workers where your bags need to go.

Each tag has your flight number, the name of the airport you’re going to, and sometimes even the gate number.

This helps make sure your bags end up at the same place you do.

Also, each tag has a special barcode.

This barcode is like a unique name for your bag. When your bag goes through the airport, workers scan this barcode.

This way, the airport keeps track of where your bag is. If your bag goes on the wrong plane or gets lost, this barcode helps find it.

Getting the normal airport tags is quite easy.

When you check in, either at a desk with a person or at a self-service kiosk, your tags are printed out. Then you either put them on your bags yourself, or an airport worker helps you.

Here’s a video about doing this for airports that offer self-service kiosks…

Your Own Tags:

Besides the tags you get at the airport, it’s a good idea to have a personal luggage tag too. These are tags that you buy or make yourself.

They are different from airport tags and could just be random.

Your tags help you see your bags quickly when they come out at baggage claim. Imagine lots of bags that look alike.

similar looking bags at the airport
A sea of luggages at the airport

A tag that you picked can help you spot your bag fast. You can choose a tag that has a bright color, a fun design, or even a picture. This makes your bag stand out and easy to find.

These tags also carry your information.

This usually includes your name, phone number, and sometimes your email address.

For most people, this is our recommendation.

The Luggage tag I recommend

This is very important if your bag gets lost. If someone finds your bag, they can see the tag and know how to contact you. This can help you get your bag back faster.

You can find these tags in many places. You can buy them at stores where they sell things for travel.

Or, you can find them online on websites where you buy other stuff. There are many kinds of tags.

Some are simple and just do the job. Others are more special. Just do whatever you want.

For instance, here’s someone’s tag:

Unique luggage tag for easy identity of luggage at the airport and avoid mistakenly stolen luggages

Might look funny but it serves its purpose, though it’s pretty much limited as it lacks a space for adding the user’s name.

But if a normal airport tag already exists here, it shouldn’t matter.

If you like making things, you can also make your own tag just as the luggage above.

You can use strong paper, plastic, or fabric. You can write your information and decorate it the way you like. This can be a fun way to make your bag really yours.

Officially, where can you buy personal luggage tags? Here are some easy places:

  1. Airport Shops: You can buy tags at the airport. They have many kinds, but they might cost more.
  2. Online: Websites like Amazon have lots of tags. You can choose different styles and colors, and sometimes they are cheaper.
  3. Travel Stores: If you want to see the tags before you buy, go to a travel store. They have many kinds and can help you choose.
  4. Big Stores: Big stores that sell many things usually have a section for travel stuff. You can find tags there too.
  5. Make Your Own: If you like being creative, you can make your own tag. You can use paper, plastic, or cloth and make it look how you want.

Remember, the main job of making your own tag is to help you easily find your bag and to have your information if it gets lost.

So, pick a tag that is easy to see and has your details on it.

The Actual Difference Between Airport Tags and Personal Tags

Airport Tags: The Official Trackers

The tags you get at the airport are all about making sure your bags get to the right place with you.

They serve as a key part of how airlines keep track of millions of bags every day.

Each of these tags has essential info like your flight number, destination, and a unique barcode.

This barcode is like a secret code that tells the airport’s computers where your bag needs to go. I always think of these tags as the unsung heroes of air travel – small but mighty in keeping our belongings on track.

Personal Tags: Your Travel Signature

On the other hand, personal luggage tags are more about your peace of mind and making your bags easy to spot.

These tags are the ones you buy at a store or online, or even the ones you make at home. They usually have your name and contact info.

Why are they important? Well, if your bag ends up in the wrong place or you forget them at the airport, these tags tell whoever finds it how to reach you.

Plus, they make your bag stand out on the luggage carousel.

I’ve had a few times where a colorful or unique tag made it a breeze to spot my suitcase in a sea of similar-looking bags.

Why Both Are Important

So, why not just use one type of tag?

The airport tags are great for the airlines, but they don’t do much for helping you identify your bag quickly or provide a way for someone to contact you if your bag is lost.

Personal tags fill this gap.

But then, it’s up to you/

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