What the Avis Frequent Travel Program Fee is all about (Finally)

What the Avis Frequent Travel Program Fee is all about (Finally)

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When you’re frequently on the road (or in the air), every opportunity to earn airline or hotel points counts.

The Avis Frequent Traveler Program for Miles/Points is one such opportunity for those who rent cars often. But like everything in the world of frequent travel, there are nuances to understand.

What’s the Avis Frequent Traveler Program?

If you’ve rented a car in recent years, you’ve probably been asked whether you’d like to earn some frequent flyer miles or hotel points with your rental. That’s the Avis Frequent Traveler Program in action.

But what is it exactly, and how does it benefit travelers?

The Avis Frequent Traveler Program is basically a collaboration between Avis, a well-known car rental brand, and a range of airline and hotel partners.

The idea is to reward travelers who choose Avis for their car rental needs.

Instead of just getting a vehicle for their journey, they also earn something extra: points or miles for their favorite loyalty program.

But here’s the catch (and there’s always a catch, isn’t there?): Not everyone is eligible for this program.

The specifics of eligibility might be based on several factors, such as your membership status with Avis, the type of rental, or the region you’re renting in.

Therefore, it’s wise to check in advance whether your rental qualifies you to earn those coveted miles or points.

Yeah, it looks good not until you discover this is behind the “frequent travel program” fee you get on your bills.

Let’s take a proper look at this.

How is the Avis Frequent Travel Program Fee Calculated

Whenever you rent a car, it’s not just about the base rental fee.

There are taxes, potential insurance fees, and when participating in the Avis Frequent Traveler Program, there’s the Frequent Traveler Program Fee.

But what does this fee entail, and how does it impact your overall rental costs?

What the Avis Frequent Travel Program Fee looks like in a snapshot
A snapshot of the Frequent travel program fee on a user bill

The Frequent Traveler Program Fee is essentially a surcharge that Avis applies when you choose to receive frequent flyer miles or hotel points as a part of your car rental.

The reason behind this surcharge? It’s Avis’s way of covering some of the costs associated with partnering with airline and hotel loyalty programs.

Now, down to brass tacks: For most of the U.S. airline and hotel programs that collaborate with Avis, the surcharge stands at USD $0.75 for each day of your rental.

It might not seem like a lot initially, but if you’re renting for an extended period, these charges can add up.

However, there’s an exception to keep in mind.

For a few specific airlines—American Airlines, Copa Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines—the daily surcharge is a bit higher, clocking in at $1.00 per day.

It’s important to be aware of these variations, especially if you have loyalty preferences with these particular airlines.

For those renters focused on Aeroplan Miles, the fee structure is slightly different.

As of June 1, 2011, Avis set the surcharge for rentals earning Aeroplan Miles at $.75 per day, but with a thoughtful cap.

No matter how long your rental period, the surcharge won’t exceed $5.25. And it’s worth noting this particular fee is taxable.

Can you avoid this fee?

The direct answer is yes, it’s possible to avoid the fee, but it comes with a trade-off.

The most straightforward method to dodge this surcharge is to simply opt out of earning frequent flyer miles or hotel points with your Avis rental.

By doing so, you won’t be subject to the associated surcharge, keeping your rental costs slightly lower.

However, the sacrifice comes in the form of the potential rewards you’d be foregoing.

For many travelers, those points and miles are a significant perk, gradually building up to secure a discounted or complimentary flight, hotel stay, or other rewards in the future.

In this context, it’s a classic case of weighing immediate cost-saving against potential future benefits.

For those who place a premium on accruing miles and points, paying the fee might just be considered part of the investment towards future travel.

But if your budget is tight and you prioritize saving in the present moment, skipping the rewards and thus the fee might be your best bet.

In some cases, specific promotional offers, credit card partnerships, or loyalty status levels might provide ways to earn points or miles without the surcharge, but these can be sporadic and subject to availability or eligibility.

So, it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions, and any special offers that might be running at the time of your rental.


While the idea of paying an additional fee might initially seem off-putting, it’s a relatively small price in exchange for those valuable miles and points that can get you closer to your next free flight or hotel stay. However, it’s always wise to understand these fees and factor them into your overall travel budget.

If you ever need more clarity or have questions about your reservation, Avis’s customer service is always there to assist, with easily accessible contact numbers for reservations and other queries.

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